Chad Hurley is not your typical designer — for one, not every designer ends up becoming one of the richest men in the world. Starting off as a designer at PayPal where he designed everything from visiting cards to the website, Chad along with Steve Chen and Jawed Karim co-founded YouTube, the video platform that revolutionised the way people watch videos around the world. YouTube, which was eventually bought by Google, has just completed a decade the day we meet him at his office in San Mateo but Chad has no airs about what he has accomplished nor does he display any sense of anxiety over what is to come as he works on his current venture MixBit, a mobile video platform. By his admission, it does not take much to be happy in life… just some burritos. That sense of contentment has not stopped him from buying a stake in NBA team, Golden State Warriors, the upcoming Los Angeles Football Club or live streaming app Meerkat among others. His most offbeat investment, however, is the Stephen Gordon founded Guideboat, which sells classic boats, clothing and other accessories. Again, that stems from Chad’s personal fascination for boats — he feels boats are an old piece of technology that people still use. So does he when he canoes around the lake house outside New York that he shares with Gordon.
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