Peter Grauer takes his age and accomplishments lightly. He will turn 70 in October but he doesn’t bat an eyelid when he says, “I know I look much younger than that.” As for his accomplishments, he credits it to the serendipitous meeting with Michael Bloomberg. Grauer never tires of repeating how he met ‘Mike’, now a close personal friend for nearly 27 years. His then six-year-old daughter wanted to learn horse-riding and for that he had driven down to a farm 50 miles out from Manhattan. That is where Bloomberg’s daughters had also enrolled to learn riding. Serendipity aside the fact remains that Bloomberg wouldn’t have entrusted Grauer with his company if he were not sure about his ability to successfully shoulder that responsibility. Grauer has now been on the Bloomberg board for 19 years, served as chairman for 16 years and was also its CEO for 9 years. Grauer’s counsel is much sought after by private and public institutions but having successfully battled prostate cancer, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, on whose board he sits, is the one that is closest to his heart.
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