It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon in Boston and we are waiting for Daniel Pink at the Mandarin Oriental as he is yet to wrap up his keynote at the conference being hosted by private equity firm, Berkshire Partners. Even as he makes his way towards us, some of the attendees are still hanging on to his every word. Through our nearly two-hour conversation, he passionately explains his points with illustrations. What we are really amused about though is that Pink scribbles all the illustrations or explanatory words upside down so we see it straight from the other side of the table. It’s almost like he has perfected upside down writing. When we ask him about this unusual skill, modesty takes over and he says, “All I was trying to do was to show things from your perspective rather than mine. You are grossly overestimating my skill.” Those who have read his works certainly disagree and three of his books — A Whole New Mind, Drive and To Sell is Human — have made it to The New York Times bestsellers list. Pink’s work, born out of deep insights from behavioural and social sciences and various survey research, focuses on frameworks to drive performance of individuals and enterprises. Pink maintains that while left-brain skills are still absolutely necessary in the traditional world of business, they are no longer sufficient.
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