The Spanish may have colonised San Diego in 1769 but one can still feel their influence, more so at the sylvan campus of the University of San Diego. Delightful as it may be to the eye, we are not there to dwell on the evolution of Spanish architecture but to meet Frank Partnoy whose bestselling book Wait turned our perception about inaction on its head. Far from being a poster boy for procrastination, Partnoy is as brilliant and conscientious as they come. He is also an anomaly because he left a promising career on Wall Street to pursue a career in academia. While most people in the world are proponents of acting fast, Partnoy recommends slowing down. As we are about 10 minutes away from winding up the interview, Partnoy drives home.php the point while ordering an Uber cab for us. “If we order the cab now this will be the wrong time world because the app tells me 4 minutes. If I order a car now that will be disaster for both of us because I will have to pay for the waiting time and you will be rushed. So we are going to wait and delay our decision to order the cab.
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