Platform builder

Chad Hurley

Founder, MixBit; Co-founder, YouTube
Enabling evangelist

Bill Maris

Managing partner, Google Ventures
Insight seller

Paco Underhill

Founder, Envirosell
The confidante

Peter Grauer

Chairman, Bloomberg LP
Unyielding rock climber

Jim Collins

Management thinker and business consultant
Champion doer

Roger Martin

Director, Martin Prosperity Institute
Practical thinker

Daniel Pink

Bestselling author
Thoughtful procrastinator

Frank Partnoy

Professor, law and finance, University of San Diego
Reclusive crusader

Carson Block

Founder, Muddy Waters Research
PIPE dreamer

Sumir Chadha

Co-founder, WestBridge Capital
Evergreen learner

Guy Spier

Founder, Aquamarine Capital
Maestro tracker

William Thorndike

Founder, Housatonic Partners

You can read the first edition of Masterspeak that was published in 2013. Some of the world’s finest thinkers offer their insights, advice and food for further thought in this Collector’s Issue.